What is Energy Audit?

From Energy Audit you can :

Identify energy saving potential and measures (action plan and estimated time required to implement the measure recommended, amount of saving and cost of implementation.

To increase value of your building :

For high management, you basically can understand your building. Besides, you can used the information as Energy Management planning for the building for 1-5 years. Example, you can understand how much budget that need to be spend for energy improvement with ROI, Payback Period, Estimate Saving Amount and so on.

All the recommendation input are identified after the Energy Audit Process

All the Energy Saving Measures (ESM) recommended by MYCES Sdn Bhd will include the:

Ø Potential Saving in kWh

Ø Potential Saving in RM

Ø Estimated Investment Cost (if the ESM need to invest) in RM

Ø Payback Period

Ø CO2 reduction

As a result, the information are very useful for the management to do any arrangement/plan in the future.



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