Measurement and Verification (M&V)

M&V is a process of measuring, analysis and verification of the data collected from the site on specific system. This is essential for the client to view the accuracy and efficiency of the operating system.

Some of the system evaluated are:

    • ⦁ Air Conditioning system
    • ⦁ Lighting System
    • ⦁ Boiler System
    • ⦁ Air Compressor
    • ⦁ Motorized System.

MyCES Sdn. Bhd. has a certified M&V specialist that has the qualification to measure and analyses the energy consumption and efficiency of the system allowing the user to verify the energy consumed by the system.

1HealthcareHospital Kuala PilahMarch, 2020
2HealthcareHospital LangkawiNovember, 2020
3HealthcareHospital KulimNovember, 2020