Sustainable Energy Management System (SEMS)

SEMS is a method of control that allowed an organization to monitor and manage their energy consumption of their building to reduce or maintain their energy consumption. It introduced a structure and a set of guidelines that allowed the user to maximize the usage of energy without compromising the user comfort and safety.

SEMS would:

⦁ Delegate responsibility of energy management to the user spreading awareness of energy efficiency within the working community.
⦁ The sets of guidelines would allow the user to better understand their roles in energy management and their contributions.
⦁ Allowed a stable information transfer within the organization that allowed the end user to contribute ideas and the top management to makes swift decision.
⦁ Allowed the organization to manage their own energy without requiring external parties helps.

MyCES Sdn. Bhd. offered our service in building the structure of SEMS tailored for the organization management structure and facilities.

1HealthcareKPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital
2AdministrativePejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Terengganu
3HealthcareKPJ Puteri Specialist Hospital
4HealthcareHospital Rehabilitasi Cheras
5HealthcareNational Institute of Health
6AdministrativeKementerian Pengangkutan